Sell your car in Japan

Tokyo Euro offers a fast and efficient vehicle selling service whereby your vehicle can be entered in one of Japan's massive vehicle auctions.

It doesn't matter where you live in Japan. Your vehicle can be picked up at either your residence or workplace. 

sell your car in Japan

When it comes to selling their own vehicle in Japan, many foreigners living here find very few options available to them. When they approach a car dealership they are most often shocked at the low amount they are offered for their vehicle - especially in comparison to the current retail value. This is simply because dealers buy most of their own vehicles at auction and often see a private sale as a chance to buy well under normal auction price.

Selling via auction is consistently the most rewarding method to quickly sell your car in Japan. 

Auctions in Japan are highly efficient and, as well as Japanese domestic dealers, have a huge number of buyers that export to other countries, both in attendance and with online bidding from around the world. So at auction it's very common for many vehicle models to receive a considerably higher price due to export demand. 

Contact me and I'll provide you with an accurate estimate of what you can expect to get for your vehicle.

Kevin Dobbs

Mobile Phone: 090 4394 1970

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"With only a few weeks left in Japan, I didn't have too many options to sell my vehicle for a good price. Kevin Dobbs immediately gave me an clear indication of what I could expect to get for my car. He then left me to try other avenues and when nothing else proved successful I got in touch with him again. Kevin picked up the vehicle just a few days before we departed Tokyo and arranged for selling at one of the major auction houses. A few weeks later he confirmed it had been sold and also for more than the minimum we had agreed on.
I strongly recommend Kevin to anyone needing help with their motoring in Japan."
Peter Bass - now residing in Singapore

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