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Key Benefits of Importing Tokyo Euro

  • Based permanently in Japan where you need your car buyer to be - not in Ireland or somewhere else
  • Real Price Savings - that’s on a vehicle you want to own, rather than a discount on a vehicle that’s not 100% what you’re really after !
  • Supplies vehicles considerably higher quality than compared to the average condition of imported vehicles into Ireland.
  • Better opportunity to find the exact vehicle you are looking for… sub-model, specs, lower km, preferred colour etc.
  • Expert advice from someone with over 31 years in the automotive industry including 23 years as a professional vehicle buyer in Japan.
  • No rush or pressure to make decisions on choosing a vehicle - as I live permanently in Japan I’m more than happy to wait patiently for your perfect target vehicle to come along.

"After Brexit it might be just as easy and probably cheaper to import a car from Japan instead of the UK!"
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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Arriving soon in Dublin, Ireland
My clients 2020 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid G 4WD about to arrive in Dublin. Immaculate condition and with ultra-low mileage.

2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type R Limited Coupe

2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type R Coupe sold at auction. A one-owner vehicle travelled just 36,000km and in exceptional condition

1996 MG RV8

1996 MG RV8 sold at auction. Classic British motoring and travelled just 27,991km. A large proportion of the limited MG RV8 production went to Japan - 1,579 of the 1,983 produced.

Import Regulations for Japanese Used Cars to Ireland

  • Customs: Import Duty 10% of (Vehicle Cost & Shipping Charge) and 21% VAT
  • Shipping Charge depends on the size of each vehicle, US$146 per cubic meter (as of June 2023)
  • Inspection: imported used vehicles are required to go through national car test NCT.
  • Required Documents: Purchase Invoice, Export Certificate, Bill of Lading.
  • Expected Shipping Time: 7 to 8 weeks from Yokohama Port in Japan to Dublin Port in Ireland.
  • All vehicles brought into Ireland are subject to Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). Please see the larger section below for changes in 2021
  • Returning Residents need to complete the Application and Declaration for Exemption from Import Charges and Vehicle Registration Tax.

Vehicle Import Regulations for Japanese Used Cars to Ireland in 2023

When importing a vehicle an appointment should be made at an NCT test centre to have the vehicle inspected within seven days of it arriving in the country in order to register and pay VRT. The registration process must be completed within 30 days of entry into the country.

NCT Inspection

Upon arrival in Ireland each vehicle must undergo an NCT inspection. There are 47 NCT test centres located throughout Ireland. Check here for the most convenient NCT test centres near you.

Vehicles registered before 1980 are exempt from the test.

Currently, at the time of this page update, the cost of an NCT inspection is €55 incl VAT.

Window Tinting - for each vehicle the windscreen glass and front side window glass will be required to have a light transmission level of 65% or higher. Any additional tinting of the windscreen and front side window glass must not exceed 35%.

Vehicle Exhaust Noise - in order to pass the NCT inspection vehicles must have a level of noise no greater than 99dB(A).

HID Headlights - High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights should only be fitted to vehicles for which they are compatible, otherwise they are illegal under the Road Traffic Regulations.

Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) is a tax charged on new and imported used vehicles when they are first registered in Ireland. All vehicles must be registered within 30 days of entry.

VRT is calculated based on the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of the vehicle as determined by the revenue commissioners.

Vehicle Registration Tax changes in Ireland for 2021 

From 1st January 2021 new Vehicle Registration Tax rates came into effect. The VRT rates on Category A vehicles (Cars & SUVs) will be based on their CO-2 Emissions. The CO-2 values will be taken from a new emissions test for the EU known as the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure).

For the VRT rates a revised 20-band table will replace the previous 10-band table. The various rates on the 20-band table now range from 7% to 37% compared to the 14% to 36% range from 10-band table.

1 0 50 7.00%
2 51 80 9.00%
3 81 85 9.75%
4 86 90 10.50%
5 91 95 11.25%
6 96 100 12.00%
7 101 105 12.75%
8 106 110 13.50%
9 111 115 14.25%
10 116 120 15.00%
11 121 125 15.75%
12 126 130 16.50%
13 131 135 17.25%
14 136 140 18.00%
15 141 145 19.50%
16 146 150 21.00%
17 151 155 23.50%
18 156 170 26.00%
19 171 190 31.00%
20 >191 37.00%

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Levy

From 1st January 2021 the following NOx levy on all Category A vehicles (Cars & SUVs) will apply. The levy will be charged cumulatively.

NOx emissions (NOx mg/km) Amount payable per mg/km
The first 0-40mg/km €5
The next 40mg/km or part thereof up to 80mg/km €15
The remainder above 80mg/km €25


Authoritative links for additional information:
Revenue (Irish Tax & Customs)
National Car Testing Service (NCT)
Citizens Information

Daimler Double Six

Damiler Double-Six V12 sold recently at auction here in Tokyo, Japan. Classic British motoring and travelled just 29,935km 🇬🇧. 

2003 BMW M3 E46

2003 BMW M3 sold at auction. The E46 was considered by many to be the best M3 ever. 

Nissan Figaro Emerald Green

Nissan Figaro sold at auction here in Tokyo, Japan. Travelled just 41,000km in Emerald Green with Ivory Leather

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Toyota Harrier Andy Friend

"We would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to purchase a car for their time in Japan. He made the whole process so easy for us and sourced a car that ticked all the things we were looking for at a great price. When our time came to leave Japan we then needed to sell the car and Kevin completely looked after that process too. Thank you so much Kevin.
Kerri Rawlings & Andy Friend - Connacht, Ireland

Shipping from Japan to Ireland

Export Car to the UKAll vehicles shipped to Ireland are via purpose-built car carriers known as RORO vessels (Roll-on Roll-off). Each vehicle is driven inside and securely fastened to the internal decks making for the safest marine transit possible.

The shipping schedule to Ireland is quite regular and there are always a number of these vessels departing every month.

Shipping from Yokohama Port to Dublin Port is usually around 7 to 8 weeks.

For more information regarding shipping please do not hesitate to contact me.


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