Residents of Japan

Selling your Car in Japan

Tokyo Euro offers a fast and efficient vehicle selling service whereby your vehicle can be entered in one of Japan's massive vehicle auctions.

It doesn't matter where you live in Japan. Your vehicle can be picked up at either your residence or workplace.

When it comes to selling their own vehicle in Japan, many foreigners living here find very few options available to them. When they approach a car dealership they are most often shocked at the low amount they are offered for their vehicle - especially in comparison to the current retail value. This is simply because dealers buy most of their own vehicles at auction and often see a private sale as a chance to buy well under normal auction price.

Selling via auction is consistently the most rewarding method to quickly sell your car in Japan.

Auctions in Japan are highly efficient. In addition to the competitive bidding from Japanese domestic dealers there are a huge number of buyers that export to other countries - both in attendance and with online bidding from around the world

So at auction it's very common for many vehicle models to receive a considerably higher price due to export demand.

Contact me and I'll provide you with an accurate estimate of what you can expect to get for your vehicle.

Kevin Dobbs

Mobile Phone: 090 4394 1970


"We would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to purchase a car for their time in Japan. He made the whole process so easy for us and sourced a car that ticked all the things we were looking for at a great price. When our time came to leave Japan we then needed to sell the car and Kevin completely looked after that process too. Thank you so much Kevin.
Kerri Rawlings & Andy Friend - Canberra, Australia

Sell you car in Japan - BMW 116i Sport

BMW 116i Sport - just living here in Japan for 12 months, my clients needed a modern reliable vehicle that wouldn't lose them too much money. When it was time for them to return home to South Africa I met with them on the day of their departure at Haneda Airport. After selling the BMW at auction the result proved to be considerably better than the alternative option of car lease in Japan.

sell your car in Japan BMW X5

Sold my client's BMW X5 at auction here in Japan. I was able to return them a much higher price than they had been offered by a dealer on a trade-in. As a result they also used my services for their next vehicle purchase.

Sell your car in Japan Toyota Ist

Leaving Japan to return home to Finland, Mika needed to sell his Toyota Ist which he had kept in excellent condition. I got the vehicle sold at it's first auction appearance and returned him more than 50,000yen over the price he had agreed to accept. "Thank you very much ! I will be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues." Mika Latva-Rasku, Finland


Sell my car in Japan - Hummer H2

Leaving Japan to return home after many years, my client needed to sell his Hummer H2. He got in touch with me with little time left before his departure and I collected the vehicle from him at Narita Airport. We had a great result at auction with a much better return to him that any dealer had offered.



sell your car in Japan BMW 320i Touring

BMW 320i Touring sold at first auction appearance here in Tokyo. Although we were hoping for slightly more, the final result was still higher than the agreed reserve price and good to get it sold quickly.


sell my car in Japan - Audi A4 Avant

My clients were leaving for the U.K. and needed to sell their Audi A4 Avant. I met them at Narita Airport on the day of their departure and then prepared it for selling it auction. Unfortunately the bidding wasn't very strong the first two times it went up for sale. At the third auction we had success and I was able to return them an amount similar to what we had initially anticipated.