Export Service Worldwide

Based permanently in Japan, I provide a personal hands-on purchasing service for my clients.

Most importantly, I focus on premium condition vehicles.

Don't settle for something average. Let me help you select a high-spec low-kilometre vehicle at a great price.

Relax and let me do all the searching!

There is no need for you to become an overnight expert on the Japanese auto auctions - you've got better things to do with your time !

I will personally search for your target vehicle on a daily basis and contact you each time something suitable comes available.

Each country has it's own unique importation regulations so it's important for us to confirm first if your vehicle is eligible for entry. Also what import duties, taxes and on-road costs may apply.

Don't hesitate, make contact with me now for an accurate quotation on importing your desired model of vehicle.

Please contact me with any questions you may have on the following email address or simply fill out the form below.

Email: kevin.tokyoeuro@gmail.com

Phone: +81 90 4394 1970

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