Kevin Dobbs, Tokyo Euro Owner/Operator

Tokyo Euro is essentially the marketing name for me, Kevin Dobbs, and the vehicle buying service that I offer here in Tokyo, Japan.

Chances are you haven't heard of me before, so the main purpose of this website is to introduce myself and the services that I offer private individuals in addition to my dealer clients.

I first started in the automotive industry as long ago as 1992 in my home country of New Zealand. If you are not a New Zealander, you may not be aware that despite its small population it is one of the largest importers of used vehicles from Japan.

In the year 2000 I moved into the role of vehicle buyer for one of New Zealand's largest car importers, who at the time supplied vehicles to dealers right throughout New Zealand. This was certainly a fast-paced occupation, where I was making up to 12 buying trips to Japan every year and covering massive car auctions in cities right across the country.

Late in 2002, I took the bold step of moving out on my own and operating as a sole trader for dealer clients. Determined to succeed, my two week trips now became much longer and by early 2003 I had moved permanently to Tokyo where I have remained ever since.

In the years that I have been trading I have purchased literally thousands of vehicles of varying makes and models. Exports to New Zealand are the largest part of my business, although over time I have also gained clients in many other countries.

While this is obviously a website that is about selling cars, it is important that I point out that using my services is not merely a case of simply buying a vehicle through a couple of mouse clicks on the internet.

Tokyo Euro is my way of offering a personal buying service for anyone considering importing a vehicle privately to their own country. I also offer a professional and friendly service to residents of Japan for both buying and selling their vehicles. 

I have been fortunate to gain a huge amount of experience, knowledge, and contacts in the automotive industry here in Tokyo and I am only too happy to help anyone that could benefit from my services. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how I may be able to assist you with a vehicle purchase.

Kevin Dobbs

Phone: +81 90 4394 1970


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